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PBT - CompaClean

Single- chamber automatic batch cleaning machine for cleaning PCB´s after soldering or cleaning soldering pallets. 

Main Features:

  • Complete process with cleaning, one or more rinsing steps and drying in one proces chamber.
  • A compact equipment with minimal requirments on footprint. Includes all necessary option for cleaning solution recycling, DI water reclaim and PCB contamination measuring int the basc configuration and in the entire machine body.
  • Space requirements are further minimized by casters on the machine body and only two side of the machine with necessary access.
  • For easy maintenance and cleaning of the machine, the whole sump tank and pump assembly can be withdrawn from the machine without tooling.
  • High flow of the cleaning medium at high pressure in the nozzles enables to achieve fastest cleaning impact of this machine in it´s class. No risk of damaging sensitive electronic component i warranted.
  • Optimization of process chamber and nozzle configuration design was done by using own testing procedures, which can evaluate exactly the cleaning affectivity under components. Such optimization assures an optimal uniformity of cleaning for both maximal and minimal PCB sizes (even if assemblies are loaded in two layers in the process chamber).
  • Control system running under Win-XP is very intuitive. Together with touch display and password protected programming and maintenance level it offers easy and safe environment for controlling the machine even with non-qualified personnell.
  • Drying includes a programmable cooling of goods so that an easy and safe handling after the end of cycle would be possible.


  • Cleaning in water micro- emulsion MPC by spray- in- air in close liquid circulation.
  • Pre- rinsing in tap water in open loop (on demand).
  • Pre- rinsing in DI water in close loop (on demand).
  • Final rinsing with DI water in close loop (standard).
  • Drying with hot air up to 110°C (standard).
  • Touch screen control.
  • Maximal size of PCB 500x500mm
  • Machine capacity of one batch approx 3,5m2 PCB for big size, approx 2,8m2 PCB of small size (in two stock basket)
  • Installed power 9,5 - 12kW upon configuration
  • Power consumption - average 3kW
  • Water consumption - less than 1 ltr/cycle (in close loop configuration)
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